Google To Remove Fake ID Card Apps From The Playstore

Back in the days, Google Playstore used to be the only Android app store to get any kind of apps and even apps would root your phone and patch apps.

But now, Google has unpublished all these apps that pose threats to your phone due to the updated Google developer policy.

Now again, Google has updated its Playstore terms of service / policy to delete Fake ID creator apps.

Many of us must have come across apps on Playstore that promises to generate / create fake ID card for you.

Even at that, most of them are poor in quality, but that doesn’t mean Google won’t unpublish or delete them on Playstore.

Updated Google Playstore Developer Policy

We don’t allow apps that help users to mislead others, including, but not limited to, apps that generate or facilitate the generation of ID cards, social security numbers,passports, diplomas, credit cards and driver’s licenses. Any claim that an app is a “prank”, “for entertainment purposes”(or other synonym) does not exempt an app from application of our policies.

So, Google is also including apps that pranks people for entertainment. Such apps will be deleted from the Playstore.

Google has started removing apps that creates fake ID cards on the PlayStore.

These apps can be downloaded from other sources or sites if you still want them.

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