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9Mobile Roaming Offer: Enjoy Free Incoming Calls on Your Line When You Roam in UAE

Roaming refers to the continued data service you get when you go outside of your mobile operator’s coverage area. For example, you can continue to access the Internet or make calls when traveling internationally thanks to cooperative agreements between your cellular provider and other network operators.
Domestic roaming is usually free. Unfortunately, international roaming usually involves being charged data roaming fees that can rack up very quickly and get very costly. 9Mobile have a special offer for travelers who are visiting United Arab Emirate. Here is the package for UAE Roaming Offer by 9mobile.

9Mobile UAE Roaming Offer
The notable offer is the free incoming calls (receive calls) and a discounted roaming rates when you travel to UAE. It has been the practices of most telecommunication company to charge while you receive calls when you are away from your home of the resident.
Below are 9Mobile UAE offer
Services Regular Tariff Promo Offer
Local calls within UAE N200/min N100/min
Calls back to Nigeria N200/min N100/min
PAYG Data N102.4/MB N25/MB
Free incoming calls Capped at 400 mins for 30 days

To Enjoy the Offer
Recharge N5, 000 and enjoy the below discounted offers
  • Outgoing Calls to Nigeria and within UAE at N100/min
  • Free incoming calls from Nigerian and UAE numbers only
  • SMS at N30/SMS
  • PAYG Data @25/MB
  • Affordable data bundle of 200mb for N5,000 or 500mb for N10, 000 (*6589#)
  • The offer is available on Etisalat UAE network only
  • Offer valid till 30th June 2018.
Some Q&A on the UAE Roaming
  • Question: What do I need to do to roam my line?
  • Answer: For prepaid customers, roaming is enabled by default while for postpaid and hybrid postpaid customers, visit any of our experience centres to have roaming activated.
  • Question: Do I need to migrate to any particular package before I can enjoy this offer?
  • Answer:  No, the offer is applicable to all packages- Prepaid, postpaid and hybrid postpaid.
  • Question: How do I connect/latch onto any of the advertised networks?
  • Answer: Your phone will automatically attach to a network upon arrival in the UAE. If the network your phone latched onto is not eligible for the offer, kindly do a manual search for network and select Etisalat UAE network.
  • Question: Do I have to be in the travel location before I can activate the roaming data bundle?
  • Answer: No, the roaming data bundle can be activated anywhere by dialing *6589# as long as you have sufficient credit balance.
  • Question: How do I qualify for the discounted offers?
  • Answer: By recharging N5, 000 for prepaid subscribers and by default for postpaid and hybrid customers. The discounted offer is valid for 30 days from the day of qualification.
  • Question: Does transfer of N5, 000 from one number to another grant the discounted offer?
  • Answer: No, only recharge of N5, 000 grants the offer.
  • Question: When does the offer end?
  • Answer: Offer valid till 30th June 2018.

Source: 9mobile.com.ng

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