5 Ways You Can Avoid Carryovers As A Fresh Student

Do you know that as a fresh students you can avoid getting carryover no matter how many difficult courses you will pass through? if you don’t know that, then kindly follow me I will show you how.
Carryovers make a lot of students feel bad about their performances and here’s why you should always avoid anything that’ll get you one.
Carryover is a common metaphor for failure in Nigerian higher institutions and you must try hard to avoid having one.
Students usually feel bad when they have a carryover in a course. Of course, this is expected because no student would like to revisit a course his colleagues have passed, so if you don’t want a carry over in your academic record then kindly follow and read this article carefully.
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So below are the top 5 things you can do to avoid getting carry over.
1. Don’t skip lectures
This is one of the many reasons students score low grades in exams and continuous assessment. A student who skips lectures will most likely miss an impromptu test and write out of context in exams.
So, make sure you attend all lectures. Remember some lecturers like you to give them answers to exam questions same way they taught you in the class. If you miss such lecturer’s class, you are likely going to carry his course over.
2. Stop excessive partying
Partying and going to clubs every time could have a negative effect on your academic performance even if you are very brilliant.You don’t need to hang out with friends or party all night to enjoy yourself as a student.
And if you really do care about not having a carryover, you’ll have to cut down on partying.
3. Avoid needless confrontation with your lecturer
Always try your best to avoid confrontation with your lecturers, try to find amicable ways of communicating your point of view without being rude or condescending.
You should not engage them in any argument that will make you look like you are trying to outshine them.
4. Start proper preparation
Poor preparation automatically translates to a poor performance in an examination. As a student, who does not want a carryover in his academic record, you need to study hard to get good grades in your exams and continuous assessment. Don’t forget that proper preparation they say prevent poor performance.
5. Avoid behaviors that upset your lecturer
Nigerian lecturers have rules and they hate to see student violate those rules. Violating a lecturer’s set rules could get you registered in his black book.For instance, many lecturers don’t like to see their students chewing, sleeping or side-talking when they are teaching.

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