How to find the way to happiness?

Do you consider yourself to be a happy person?
If so, what makes you happy? Your family, your work, your friends or your religious beliefs? perhaps you maybe looking forward to what will actually make you happy like finishing school, getting a good job or buying a new expensive car.

Many people experience a measure of happiness when they reach a certain goal or obtain a desired item. But how long does the happy mood last? Mostly, you will agree with me that it’s only temporary.

What then is happiness? Happiness is described as a state of well-being that is characterized by relative performance, by emotions ranging from more contentment to deep and intense joy in living and by a natural desire for it to continue. Further, as an ongoing state of well-being, happiness has been described, not as a destination or goal but as a journey.

What principles or qualities of life characterize the way of happiness? While some are more important than others, the following play a key role:


A highly respected book of wisdom states “Happy are those who are blameless in their way.” Let now consider qualities that promote happiness.

CONTENTMENT. “We have brought Nothing into the world and neither can we carry anything out. So, having food and clothing, we Will be content with these things.” People who are content are not disposed to complain or grumble and their attitude protects them against envy. And because their desires do not exceed their means, they spare themselves needless anxiety and stress.

GENEROSITY. People who are generous are happy because they try to make other people happy to matter the little they offer which includes time and energy. They often gain in abundance what no amount of money can buy-love, respect and genuine friends, who give generously in return!

PUTTING PEOPLE BEFORE THINGS. ” Better is a dish of vegetables where there’s love than a fattened bull where there is hatred.” The point? Loving relationships with others are more valuable than material riches. And love, as we shall see later, is vital to happiness.

With the above qualities mentioned above You can be happy. There are still other means to have a long lasting happiness. Do you have any other points to share with us? If you do, the comment box below will be happy to get your thoughts published immediately.

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