How to make money as a Student in Nigeria make money online making money

How to make money as a Student in Nigeria

Hello my Fellow students, University students, college students, whatever students you’re. I have been exploring program to enable university students in Nigeria make money online without a single investment.

Amin of MMO,  MR Ibanga updated a life saving Facebook profile once again.

Who is MR Ibanga?

Mr Ibanga is an online entrepreneur and the owner of a popular Nigerian website (InfoguideNigeria.Com) with many other problem solving websites.
Over the Years I’ve been following him on Facebook and other social platforms. indeed he has been providing all Nigerians suitable ways to earn online as he currently have many employees working under him.

How Does Mr Ibanga help university students in nigeria to make money online

Recently, he set up a new schools news site where you can get current educational updates from universities and other higher institutions in Nigeria.
He is not a stingy type, he love sharing works among others to get people employed so you won’t be broke even when you’re in Campus.
With this, He opened an employment opportunity and a business idea for university students in Nigeria to make money without investment. Not only is this business for university students, but also a best business to start near a university

What’s the Business Idea and How does it work?

It’s as simple as ABC: (You will become a News Reporter) hmmm sounds like a white collar Job? well i can say it’s more than one.
Here’s how it Goes: You will only be reporting Happenings around your campus while you earn for each news report.
Your Reported news will be Posted on the official website which is Myschoolnews.ng(not with your name)
You will earn ₦100 for each News reported to MyschoolNews and you will cashout or request payment after reporting 50 Campus News which is ₦5000 and you get paid directly to your bank account through bank transfer. (easy payment method)

What are the Criterias to get Started

So so easy: Provided you’re in campus or you live around the campus or higher institutionswhere you can easily capture recent happenings, you’re good to go.

Go to the FAQ page here Read the terms and conditions carefully then register and login your account you will see a pop up to submit your updates.
Start reporting while you earn for each Unique School new report.

Still Wandering?

Don’t tell me you’re still wandering if you can get 5News/per day to earn 500Naira every working days.(it’s very easy) provided you’re ready for work.
Sample A Cult students got arrested is a school news headline.
Everyday Lot’s of things worth reporting are happening in your campus, why not use this as a money making opportunity?
Yes You can Start it Now for free as the employment opportunity has been opened for those who are Willing to work.

Wrapping Up:Business idea for university students in nigeria or best business to start near a university

  • he hidden secrets, Here again I’ve unveiled another business idea for university students in nigeria or best business to start near a university and am back to my roof.
it’s now your turn to either Grab or leave the business idea.

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