How to Install Xenforo Theme

I was prompted to write this post because i found out that most people usually find it difficult installing a theme on their Xenforo forum. To install a theme on your Xenforo forum is quite easy if you just go through the following procedures.


Things needed

  • Xenforo theme to be uploaded
  • access to your forum server
  • Your forum FTP details
  • FTP client (Filezilla or any online FTP client like net2ftp), but i recommend net2ftp because it is my favorite and am familiar with it.
  • Winrar, Winzip or any archiving program.
  • A laptop computer
  • Your brains and lots of guts.

Unzip or unrar the Xenforo theme and you will discover that it contains two sub folders “upload” and “xml”.
Now login to your webserver using filezilla or net2ftp and upload the content of “upload” sub folder to the public_html/style directory.

Go to your forum admin control panel and login as your forum administrator, click on styles and this will take you to a list of other themes currently installed on your forum.
Click on “import a style” tab located on the upper right corner of the screen. Now upload the style.xml file located on the xml folder and click import and you are done.
Tick the two boxes beside your new theme and untick the other two boxes besides the other to make this new theme your default theme and to disable user selection.

Exit your admin control panel and refresh your browser to see the applied changes.

Please use the comment to drop any difficulties encountered and i will assist you.

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